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Jaswal is using his personal experience and his professional skills to teach a new course. “In ‘The Science and Lived Experience of Autism,’ we are grappling with the disconnect between what a good deal of peer-reviewed science says autistic people are like, and what autistics and their families say they are like,” he said.

The course is one of four new, yearlong civic and community engagement seminars being offered in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

Through the course of the year, 20 UVA students will work with 10 college-aged, nonspeaking autistic people in Northern Virginia who refer to themselves as “The Tribe.”

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Professors Andrew Kahrl and Sarah Milov asked students enrolled in their co-taught community engagement course, "All Politics Is Local," to consider ways to address some tough issues. The class worked on several local issues including work on affordable housing, food insecurity, infant mortality, early childhood education, income inequality, access to reproductive health care, and the city’s refugee community, among others.  The class created a website to show off all of the incredible work that was done and It also includes video from last spring’s symposium as well as other features.

All Politics is Local  


With their website Making Art in/with Communities, professors Katie Schetlick and Peter Bussigel created not just an online syllabus for their class of the same name, but a living chronicle of their students projects, reflections, and experience taking a Civic and Community Engagement course. 

Making Art in/with Communities